Search Engine Optimization for Business Websites

If you have a website and you do not know why there is no traffic on your site, the problem could be with your content. This is where SEO experts come in handy.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is a marketing tool that involves increasing an organization’s visibility on free search engines such as Google. It requires the creation of content that is capable of attracting and maintaining a viewer base and competent staff to manage a business’s website to ensure they are always up and running. This is to say that SEO is not for the technical departments alone; it needs a lot of investment in creativity.

What advantages does it provide?

SEO provides a meeting point for search engines and individual websites. This is because search engines are always looking for ways to gather more information from the ground. SEO, on the other hand provides a platform on which the organizations themselves make themselves more visible for the search engines to find. The aim of SEO is to increase traffic on an organisation’s site. The direct result of this is an increase in the number of people who know about your products or services and this knowledge transforms people into a potential customer base.

How to achieve local SEO

search engine optimization servicesGiven that SEO is a must have for businesses today, these article suggests ways in which you can increase your business’s local visibility. First, ensure the information on your site is informative and the content is relevant and up to date. Being relevant means that the composition of the local population is taken into consideration, their preferences are put first and that utmost precaution is taken not to offend their social ideals. Presentation also matters. Create a site that is attractive and which identifies with the locality. You could choose the major themes that define the area and incorporate one into your website.

Along with creating content for a website, an organization needs to get as close as possible to the local population, even outside the website. This requires that one joins the mainstream sources of business information such as directories, social media, and even the yahoo directory. All these are ways of putting the business out there and they increase the chances of higher ratings on search engines.

Another important way is to learn the keywords used by internet users when they search for your products or your organization. This calls for research on the part of a business. Customer reviews can help with this and an organization can go round the locality asking consumers their preferred keywords. Businesses can also establish online platforms where customers can submit but the most efficient is to install an analytics tool where one can view what consumers look for. Once this is done, the most popular keywords should be included and repeated severally in that business’s site. This ensures that when the words are keyed in, that organization automatically comes up.

Choosing SEO Expert

The final way of increasing local SEO is to employ web technicians from the locality. This is because they are likely to know the preferences of the people there and they will put that on the website.

5 Link Building Techniques That Work in 2015

With all the different Google updates, it may be difficult for webmasters to tell which link building strategy still work nowadays. Some people even argue that SEO is dead, but is it really the truth? The good news is that link building is still effective and you only need to know what tactics work and which one to avoid. In this article we will be sharing 5 link building techniques that still work in 2015 and hope that it will be useful for you.

search engine marketing strategy

Get Social

There have been a lot of exaggeration about social signals becoming the new page rank but this has not really happened. When sharing your content across social media sites, you are just making it become more visible. If your content is really valuable people will naturally want to link to it thus providing you with the much-needed backlinks. Just make sure that you share your content across the different social networking sites you are a member of and not just on the one that you like. This will increase your visibility across the web.

Provide Free Content

Depending on your niche, you might want to provide free content in order to get links. For instance, if you run a design blog, you might want to offer free icons set or graphics pack to other websites. They can use it in some form of contest or provide it as a free download. Obviously they will want to link back to your site thus providing you a valuable link.


Although not as effective as it was in the past, infographics are still a great link building tool for webmasters. The important thing here is to ensure that the infographics are really useful and add value for others to use it. If done properly infographics can generate above hundreds of links due to the fact that people like to share those.

Guest Posting

To the contrary of what Matt Cutts states, guest posting is still a valuable way to get backlinks to your site. It is difficult for Google to distinguish between the low-quality garbage and true quality guest post. Many online newspapers rely on contributing authors for their articles and it will be difficult for Google to make the distinction without throwing the baby with the bath water. The key here is to make sure that you are only posting on high-quality sites.


This should have probably been first in the list. It is important that you create valuable content to encourage other webmasters to link to your site. This is perhaps the safest way to get valuable links. There must be a shift in our thinking pattern. Long ago we all used to create content for the search engine bots focusing on keywords but nowadays we need to create content for the end-user in mind. Valuable content will encourage others to link to us thus creating valuable links organically.

Google updates have caused a change in the way we optimize our sites. But the principle remains the same and revolves around valuable content and backlinks. By using the tips given above you should be able to improve your ranking and get some more traffic towards your site.